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Board of Directors Meeting

 12 July 2019
 Thalakwadi Club
 AGENDA for Meeting of the Board of Directors on 12th July 2019 at Thalakwadi Club, Belgaum at 8 pm Hosted by Secretary Pramod Agrawal Part A - Club Affairs To read & confirm the minutes of the last Board meeting. Treasurer to Present accounts for the month of July 2019 till date. Handing over of the files & inventory by previous office bearers to incoming office is still pending. Review of Attendance for the month of July 2019 till date. (MEM) Approval for Absence for Senior Active members. (MEM) New Membership proposals, if any. (MEM) Brief on the activities of the club for the previous month (C Admin) Report on Installation of Board. Interact Installations Ushatai School and Joshi School (YS) Forthcoming Club Activities.(C Admin) Plan for Monsoon Picnic - Charman Vikrant to explain. Interact and Rotaract installations Future of Rotaract Club of Belgaum (YS) Meditation Camp for Rotarians To Purchase Sound System for Club meetings Invitees Vikrant ( official ) Laxmikant (9pm) Mukund Bang (9pm) Manoj Micheal (9pm) contd... Page 2 Continued AGENDA for Meeting of the Board of Directors on 12th July 2019 at Thalakwadi Club, Belgaum at 8 pm. Part B - Charitable Affairs Brief on the Projects carried out by the club in the previous month. Utkarsh Inaugurations and Lectures at KLS and Ushatai Schools (YS) Discussion on the forthcoming projects. Health for Happy School - Chairman Akshay (SP) Dental Checkup Camp - PE Dr K M Keluskar (YS) Joshi Central Public School, BK Model School MVM Eng Med School Balance Installations Interact & Rotaract. (YS) Helpline for Seniors - (SP) Utkarsh Inaugurations & Further Sessions (YS) Leadership Camp - Mail from Forum of Free Enterprise - Chairman Sunish (YS) Any other Matters with the permission of the chair To allocate Funds for Annotsav Promotion Closing remarks & Adjournment of the meeting

Union Budget Analysis

 12 July 2019
 Masonic Hall
 By Rtn. Sanjay Kulkarni & Rtn. Manoj Huilgol moderated By Rtn Raj Belgaumkar
 Presentation by CA Abhay Pai on Provisions of The Union Budget Union and received the perspective of Members from different Sectors